I’m sick of heroines who don’t think they are smart or beautiful or awesome. Give me a woman who knows her own self worth. Give me a woman who makes the other characters live up to her expectations.

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First Sentence Prompt!

"My little birds told me."


Your character can see other people’s life forces or auras glowing around them, but your character cannot see his/her own aura. Write about what this means. A journey of self-discovery? An undead character (which could be anything from zombies to gods and goddesses)?

The keys are in your hands, writers.


writing tip #700:




your characters are like geodes


if you want to see what they’re really made of


you must break them

this is the best writing tip ive heard in ages


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Write about someone who has a problem when he or she embraces anyone— a superpower activates. What is this power? Mind reading? Drains the other’s energy? Can this person see the other’s future?

How does this character deal with the superpower? Recoil from anyone’s touch? Open a shop for readings (whether if this is honest or to drain people of their energy for personal gain)?


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I am attempting to find my people~

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First Sentence Prompt!

"Cheers to mortality!"


Write about a world in which technology has gotten so powerful that it controls all of its victims into doing its will. Is this a cautionary tale? Or an action-packed story of a valiant mountain man who decides to take back his family’s lives? Or does the chemical imbalance in the brain of a troubled teen cause the machines to malfunction, revealing the master plan to all humans?


Write about a character who infuses her nail polish with a poison. Why would she do this? The thrill of being that close to death? To kill someone while her nails are still wet? Bragging rights? Is this a sign of nobility in a distant future?



Getting a desktop computer for my birthday and I’m so excited because it means that I will actually have a space to myself for my writing (rather than at work which is what I’ve been doing). I was so ecstatic when I found out that I started out cleaning off my desk that I used for stacking clean pants and ended up clearing out ALL of my drawers and my closet. My space feels so much less claustrophobic and more peaceful all in just a couple hours of work.



I have absolutely no motivation to write SOMEONE HELP ME

Ok. Here’s what your going to do. You are going to sit down, close your eyes, and think of your all time favorite book. You are going to remember the excitement you felt when you first…

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Write about a character who anytime he or she comes in contact with paper leaves a watercolor painting behind. The paintings may abstract or defined. Do the emotions of your character determine how the painting progresses? Does this happen on any other surfaces (i.e. skin, wood, etc)? How does this affect your character’s attitude towards his or herself? Is this person a recluse due to the strange power? Or is this person that much more outgoing because this power draws all types of attention?